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Produced Water Treatment Plants

A Plus strives to achieve the objective of water treatment to reduce oil traces and other impurities, better than the accepted standards laid down by the POLLUTION CONTROL norms for the protection of the environment. 

  • A Plus cross flow interceptors equipped with primary and secondary distributors and provided with a large extended surface area for coalescence and separation of oil particles from produced water.
  • Induced dissolved gas floatation machines for removing traces of emulsified oil and solids from effluents.
  • Multi Media Filters for effective polishing of the treated effluents.
  • Aeriation equipment to meet BOD and COD requirements and to suppress sulphate reducing bacteria growth.
  • Chemical Dosing equipment to inject de-mulsifying chemicals, de-aeriation compunds, bactericide and other chemicals.
  • Micro Filters to meet re-injection pumping requirement for treated effluents for water re-injection application.